July 16, 2024


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Things to Know and Questions to Ask When Replacing a Windshield

Things to Know and Questions to Ask When Replacing a Windshield

Seeing the cracked windshield really pains every driver. The question that follows is whether it needs to be replaced or can be repaired. The best thing to do is take the car, if possible, to the professionals; they will inspect and give the right advice.

Types of damage

The windshield is also referred to as “safety glass.” This glass is designed to make sure that in case an object strikes, the windshield cracks or breaks into smaller pieces rather than big, dangerous ones.

  • Cracks- a crack may start small, but with time it can grow bigger. A tape can be used to cover the crack so that it does not grow. But this is temporary, it is best to get the glass replaced/repaired.
  • Chips- a chip in a windshield is caused when any impact breaks a certain part of the glass layer. It is usually the seed that leads to a crack later on. Many times, on inspection, the professionals say that it can be repaired. But if deep enough, a replacement is required.

When should a windshield be replaced?

In some cases, it is evident that a windshield requires to be replaced. But when there is a small crack or chip, it can get difficult to judge whether a replacement is required. The instances where a replacement is required are:

  • When there are three or more cracks in the windshield because too many cracks reduce the ability of the windshield to withstand impacts.
  • If there is any damage on the driver’s side of the glass because repairs leave marking. And these markings can make the windshield weak, thus best to replace the safety glass.
  • If any crack on the windshield is more than 14 inches.
  • The windshield has two glasses and in between has a plastic lamination. A replacement is required if the inner layer gets discolored.

Things to check with the replacement company

Once it is decided that the windshield requires a replacement, check a few things with the replacement company before going ahead.

Certified and trained technicians

The first thing to check is whether the technician is certified and has the right training to replace and install the windshield. And the certificate is not the company’s but individual certification proving their training.

Experience in using the adhesive

The adhesive is the tool used during replacement which makes sure that the windshield stays in place. The adhesive manufacturers always advise that their product be used by the technician who has training in using it. The manufacturers provide classes to train the technicians. Thus, it is another certificate that the client needs to check.

How long till it’s safe to drive

Before getting the windshield replaced, ask the technicians how long until the glass sets and it is safe to drive. Thus, that way, one will know when to fit the repairing in their schedule. But make sure that the adhesive is properly cured before driving.

Material of right standard

Apart from checking the technician’s skills, make sure that the materials and the new glass meet the right motor vehicle safety standards. It should be of right transparency and should have the property of withstanding impact.

Warranty policy

The warranty is for the quality of the company’s work. In case of any leakage of air or water, the client can get the company to correct the mistake within the warranty terms.