May 23, 2024


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Some Hyundai Vehicles Get Android Auto In Widescreen

The newest update launched for Android Car would make it go widescreen on some of the Hyundai cars, 9to5google stories.

These days, practically all contemporary cars on the current market arrive geared up with infotainment systems with screens of different measurements. Android Auto can also be found in most of these cars and trucks. Even so, displaying details in widescreen is not supported on all infotainment devices. The latest update for Android Car is likely to address this for some of the Hyundai motor vehicles.

In accordance to Reddit, some users have reported that they can now use Android Auto in its widescreen form immediately after updating their software program. This Reddit consumer sports the 2021 Hyundai Elantra which has a 10.5-inch display and Android Auto. In advance of this, only two-thirds of the exhibit was usable for Android Vehicle.

The Reddit consumer claims he’s employing Android Car in its wired variety. Also, he desires to make certain to permit the “enable break up-screen” developer choice. Also, the Redditor states his wireless Android Vehicle adapter disabled alone after the update, and he experienced to allow the “passthrough” manner.

Android Vehicle is now obtainable on widescreen for Hyundai automobiles

Hyundai is not the very first corporation to obtain Android Vehicle in its widescreen type. In early 2021, some Mazda, BMW, and Skoda cars had been equipped to go widescreen on their infotainment devices. Incorporating support for widescreen has rewards to the driver, which include showing widgets for songs and Maps alongside the aspect of the screen. The navigation is also obtainable in a vertical kind.

It appears to be that a comparable update will make it to Kia automobiles. As per the AutoEvolution report, some Kia autos reportedly now assistance Android Car on widescreen following a key update. However, the information is not but verified by the firm. Given that Hyundai and Kia’s cars share the same infotainment systems, incorporating widescreen guidance to some Kia cars right after the update can verify the AutoEvolution report.

Hyundai and Kia have not but declared the official record of vehicles that will receive this update. Nonetheless, if you individual a 2021+ auto from these brand names, you can look at your Android Vehicle for updates as a result of the company’s web-site.