July 16, 2024


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Motorcycles and Road Burn Or Road Rash

Motorcycles and Road Burn Or Road Rash

Although road burn or road rash may sound like something comparatively minor when it comes to motorcycle injuries, this type of injury in some cases can be so severe it requires skin grafts. These wounds are often the most severe injuries incurred in the event of a motorcycle accident.

Road burns are severe scrapes and bruises that occur when a biker is either thrown from his or her bike or is dragged. The severity of the injuries typically depends on the force of the crash and the amount of ground the victim encounters. These wounds are not only incredibly painful, but they can also lead to defacing scars, serious infections and the need for reconstructive surgery.

These injuries fall into three categories:

• Avulsion Injuries–these are injuries that result in the stripping away of all layers of the skin. If muscle and fat are visible, the avulsion injury is known as a full thickness wound.

• Compression injuries–these are bruising or crushing injuries which typically occur when a limb becomes caught between the motorcycle and the road.

• Scrapes requiring stitches–these are simply scrapes that are severe enough to require a trip to the emergency room for stitching. These typically will not heal on their own.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and when road rash occurs over a large amount of the body, it can cause internal sickness as well as an incredible vulnerability to infection.

Motorcycle riders concerned with safety will typically wear clothing to protect against these burns-typically tough leather-but a serious accident with a car will usually render this protection useless.

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