May 26, 2024


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Mobility Cars Are Primarily for People Who Need to Self-Travel in A Vehicle

Options for Driving Wheelchair Users

Although you may not have encountered it, people with limited hand and arm functions can also drive. At the same time, paralyzed people can become drivers, but they need specialty cars for the process. A wide array of options features vehicle modification equipment and adaptive driving. 

Generally, wheelchair-accessible vehicles are perfect for people who use wheelchairs for functioning, mainly because they will give them independence and freedom. Cities across the globe are becoming more accessible, while some are highly challenging to handle, especially for long distances. 

For instance, people in wheelchairs who live in rural areas will benefit more from traveling with an accessible car than those in major towns. That is why most people would like to get a chance to purchase a car they can drive without having a chauffeur. We recommend you to click here, which will provide you more information about cars for wheelchair users. 

Although finding a vehicle that can accommodate driver will mobility issues seems challenging, you can customize existing ones to ensure they become accessible. 

Power Transfer Seats

You should know that significant obstacle drivers can use power transfer seats to handle the issue of getting inside the car. This feature is available in rear-entry vehicles, meaning people would enter inside as they usually would. At the same time, with remote control, they can push back the front seat to reach the next row. 

The next step is independently transferring themselves in the driver’s seat or with the caregiver’s help. They can use the remote control to move the seat behind them and start driving. Most of them come with an automatic pump, meaning a power transfer seat is a perfect option for people who wish to drive without caregiver help. 

You can also add them to the front passenger seat, which is the perfect choice for people who wish to take long trips and like to travel. 

Hand Controls

Some people in wheelchairs cannot use standard pedals due to their inability to move their legs. Therefore, hand controls are the best solution for this issue. Generally, hand control can fit on most vehicles, which will allow the driver to control brake pedals and gas with their hands. 

They come with push/pull style of hand controls, which is the most common. At the same time, some of them feature level attached to the pedals next to or below the steering wheel. The car will accelerate as soon as you pull it toward the wheel. Pushing it away from the wheel will apply the brakes, which is vital to understand.

It is a smart option for drivers because it is simple and doesn’t require skill or finger strength. Watch this video: to learn everything about customizing a regular vehicle to fit people with disabilities. 

Drive Directly from Wheelchair

Apart from other options, you should know that specific vehicles feature a side-entry ramp, meaning you can drive directly from a wheelchair. That way, you do not have to move from one place to another, which is a more convenient solution than other options. 

Side-entry vehicles come with removable seats, meaning wheelchair passengers can strap their chairs onto the place where the front seat would be or behind it. Therefore, it is possible to handle everything directly from a chair. 

Of course, you should know that side-entry vehicles will offer you the same option, but they come with specific disadvantages. For instance, they require a significant amount of space to deploy the ramp, meaning it is challenging to find a parking space. 

You should know that rear-entry options are more straightforward than the ones mentioned above. At the same time, we can differentiate other options that come with different seating configurations. 

For instance, a manual rear-entry ramp or automatic option is available, but everything depends on your requirements. We recommend you check out more about mobility cars with wheelchair access, which will provide you peace of mind. 

Advantages of Handicap Accessible Vehicles

  1. Different Options 

One of the most significant benefits of accessible cars is they come in a wide array of styles, designs, and models. Back in the day, people in wheelchairs had to use conversion vans or public transportation. However, people now use trucks, sport utility cars, and minivans. 

You can customize a vehicle to add a ramp, making the process simpler. Some of them come with a side or back ramp, meaning you should choose based on your preferences. 

  1. Driving Aids and Hand Controls

Most of them come with hand controls so individuals can drive with ease. The seat can be completely missing so that a wheelchair can act as a front row. The controls for gas and brakes are on steering wheels, meaning they are perfect for people with leg disabilities. 

Of course, you will get additional safety features that ensure convenience. That way, you will increase independency while ensuring the best course of action.