July 16, 2024


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Industrial Diseases – Causes

Industrial Diseases – Causes

An industrial disease is a condition in which an employee or worker gets sick after being exposed to a toxin or chemical placed by a business or industry into his or her work environment. Examples of industrial diseases include Hydatidosis which results from the exposure to dogs. Hepatitis A is another example and it affects workers who are exposed to raw sewage, Mesothelioma, which affects workers after prolonged exposure to dust from asbestos, deafness from continuous exposure to loud noise and Leukaemia, which results from exposure to electromagnetic radiation among other kinds of industrial diseases.

These diseases can be prevented by taking certain measures in the workplace. For example, to prevent ‘coal miner’s lungĀ disease, employees can wear inhalation masks in coal mines. Safety measures and providing education to workers is the easiest measure to take to prevent the occurrence of industrial diseases to employees of the business. If neither the worker nor the business is aware of a certain toxins that can cause harm to the person the situation is more difficult.

In the early to mid twentieth century, it was not yet discovered that after prolonged, asbestos dust inhalation could cause cancer. The former employers have been sued by many workers after the proof. Some industrial diseases are fatal and very dangerous to employees and therefore research should be done on any dangers that might be present in a job environment before taking the job.

If you become sick as a result of exposure to chemicals or other materials that you utilize at work, you can receive compensation for the physical, emotional, mental and financial repercussions that the sickness brings about. You can get help from a lawyer who will represent your case through the legal system to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.