July 18, 2024


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How to Name Your RV

RVs and their owners are like dogs and their owners; they look alike. Naming an RV is as easy as knowing who you are and what type of RV you own. I’m not referring to whether it’s a 5th Wheel, Toy Hauler, Cab Over, etc. And I’m not referring to whether it’s a Cougar, Jayco, etc. Rather, I’m referring to us RV Owners as either buyers, builders, or innovators.

Take us, for example, we own a 2004 No-frills (and no toilet) Pop Up Camper. It winds up, winds down, has curtains that block out the sunlight to encourage our small children to sleep in, and basic kitchen facilities that allow us to create fresh salads and full meals. It’s simple, not flash, but effective. Generally, exactly who we are. Now don’t get me wrong, we enjoy the finer things in life: travelling overseas, having someone other cooking for us (periodically dining out) and outdoor toys: boats, bikes, hiking gear, etc. Plus I love my newly purchased/used GMC Denali that can haul all of this.So it wouldn’t be fair for me to state that we’re not materialistic. But we fall into the buyers category. The “buyer” is the one that’s wants it set up and ready to go. We sum it all up by calling our camper “Needs a Break” and our sign speaks for itself (our last name is “Need”).

Take our friends. They have built their camper by hand. It’s tubular in design and a spectacular site to look at. They call it the tunnel and it invites every walk of life to plead for a tour. With careful calculations, blueprint drawings, measuring, researching, and over a year of dedication and commitment they own a truly unique one of a kind camper. Putting care and attention and dedication is something that they apply with everything they do. They are the builders that will be working on their campers for years to come. They could name their camper “Uniquely Ours” or “One of a Kind”

Then there are the “others”. They may be buyers or remodelers but nevertheless the camper isn’t travelling in “as is” condition. They treat their RV as a home away from home. They put things in that hold meaning.They have purchased sheets, dishes, durable wine glasses, comfortable outdoor chairs and other gadgets to improve their efficiency in living in compact spaces so that they can maximize their outdoor living. They decorate their outdoor living area with solar lights, flags, and even tiki bars; anything they can add to what’s already existing to show that IT is theirs. I call them the buyers/innovators. They could name their camper “Home is where the heart is” or “Welcome to the Smiths”.

Go ahead and think about who you are and what type of RV owner you are: buyer, builder or innovator. And then think about how you would name it.