June 15, 2024


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Here’s What To Think About When Buying A New Car

Here's What To Think About When Buying A New Car

Has the time come that you have been dreading? Buying a new car is never simple or straightforward, however, knowing what to expect can make it significantly easier. There are lots of different factors that you need to consider when it comes to buying a car. For instance, what color do you want and what will it be used for? Take a look below for some useful tips, tricks, and guidance on buying a car and what to think about.


How much do you have available to spend on a new car? This is something that you have to think about as soon as you decide to get a new car. Without this, you won’t know how much you have to spend or how much you don’t have to spend as it may be. If you work out your incoming and outgoings, how much you can save each month, and how much you want to spend then it will give you a rough idea of how much you need for your ideal car. 

Do Your Research 

The next thing after working out your budget is to do some research. You might have an idea of the type of car you want in your head. This can change when you read about it or see it in person. For instance, a lot of people want the BMW X3 as a family vehicle until they find out that it doesn’t have three full-sized back seats. This could be something that you need to consider when looking at different cars. If you are buying a car just for your own personal use then it is easier than buying a family car. Always read about the car you are interested in and check out reviews from previous or current owners. You can find out lots of information if you take a look at a car blog

New Or Old

Think about if you want a brand new car that’s just hit the showroom floor or if you’re better off getting a second-hand one. Different people prefer different things and other people are just indifferent. If you are a bit of a car snob then you might want a brand new one that nobody else has owned before. There are pros and cons to owning both new and old cars. If you have a new one then you are guaranteed the latest technology, however, you are at risk of paying over the odds for it. If you have an older car then these are much more susceptible to going wrong and could end up being a money pit. However, the good side is they tend to be cheaper than newer cars due to their age and possibly high mileage. 

Where To Buy From 

There are a few places you can buy cars from these days including auction sites and even online. Gone are the days of trawling around a dealership looking at several hundred different cars. All you need to do nowadays is type the name of the car you want online and you could have it delivered right to your door or driveway. This might sound simple and like a heavenly idea if you don’t want to leave your home, however, it isn’t the best way to get a car. A lot of people still prefer to walk around that dealership looking at the cars in person. It is also highly recommended you take the car you’re interested in for a test drive to be sure you like it. 


What you will be using the vehicle for is a decider in which one you get. For instance, if you are using it for work and need to transport tools and equipment around then you will be better off getting a truck. If you will be using it for the school run, after-school clubs, and weekly shopping then you will need something a bit more roomy such as an estate or SUV. Make a list of all the cars you are interested in, then go and take a look to find out which one you like best. 

Vehicle History

When you purchase a second-hand car, make sure that you are aware of the service and overall history of the vehicle. You never know if it has been in trouble with the law or taken off the road due to a fault. A lot of companies will gather the history for you when you enquire about the car. However, if they don’t then you can find out a lot about a car online just by typing in the registration number. You don’t want to be getting into an unsafe vehicle or one that is going to cost you a small fortune down the line. 

How To Pay

There are several options for you when it comes to paying for your new car. You could take out a finance option if you have a deposit available. The higher your deposit, the lower and shorter your monthly payments will be. However, finance options will usually add a little bit more to the final price of the car. So for example, if the car costs £60,000 then you may end up paying a couple of thousand more in interest. You could also pay for the car outright if you have the money available, this is a rare option but it has been known to happen. Thirdly, you could take out a bank loan to pay for your car. You will need to ensure you are able to make these payments back so you don’t get into financial difficulty. 

Maintenance Costs 

Finally, when it comes to owning a car, the purchase is not the only cost you have to think about. A lot of people forget that you will need to put fuel in it, take it for services, and fix any broken parts. You may also need to replace the tires in the time you own the car. These costs all add up and will not be the same for all types of cars. If you have a prestigious car such as an Audi or a BMW then the cost can be significantly more than others. Make sure you factor this into your budget when you are working it out.