July 23, 2024


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Driver ‘hits 123mph’ on motorway with wife and two children in car

Police have branded a motorist as ‘utterly ridiculous’ for driving at an average speed of 123mph on the M5 with their wife and two children in the car. The incident happened on Saturday (May 14) in Devon.

The driver will be appearing in court after being stopped at Cullompton, Devon and Cornwall Police said when they shared the incident on the roads policing team’s twitter page. Many people expressed shock at the speed recorded, Devon Live reported.

The police tweet read: “This car was caught driving on the M5 at Cullompton at an AVERAGE speed of 123mph with wife and two children in the car. Utterly ridiculous. Straight to court. #fatal5 #speedkills.”

In response, Matt wrote on twitter: “It baffles me how these people are allowed to continue their journey when they are reckless enough to do that speed in the first place. IMO [In my opinion] if you are over 100 you should be taken off the road pending prosecution. And I know it’s out of the police’s hands..”

Andy Southard wrote: “Nice work, I see this kind of driving everyday, they think they are invincible wrapped up in their little tin box, think you saved a family today.”

Another person estimated the stopping distance at that speed would be the length of three football pitches.