July 16, 2024


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Dangerous Driving – Solutions to Making a Call While Driving

Dangerous Driving – Solutions to Making a Call While Driving

The use of hand-held mobile phones while driving was banned (in the UK) back in 2003, and for good reason. The latest statistics show that phone-driving is far more dangerous than first anticipated. Several studies have been undertaken by government departments and driving charities to learn more about the effects of this increasing trend whilst driving.

Studies show that the reasons for phone-driving being dangerous are the two fold, firstly physically breaking contact with the vehicle steering wheel & taking your eyes from the road for prolonged periods (Obviously far more dangerous when texting). Secondly lapsing in concentration when being involved in the conversation. The second although as serious as the first, is some what of a null point as many other distractions can cause the driver to lose concentration, e.g chatting to passengers, changing the radio (or CD’s) or even applying make-up while driving.

These lapses in concentration are now considered more dangerous than drink driving and you are as likely if not more likely to cause an accident. The lack of concentration on driving the vehicle severely reduces our reaction speeds when on the phone, therefore when we need to react to an incident on the road we have far less time than we would when driving normally.

There are obvious advantages to having a mobile phone present in the vehicle, 9/10 people carry them as a social habit anyway . However being able to contact people in the case of a break down or other emergences can be vital in any situation. Its the work of road safety charities and government departments to try ensure this is the only time mobiles are used in the vehicle (by the driver) with out the aid of handsfree buletooth car kits.

Police are now able to hand out on the spot fines of £30 and points on your licence for careless and dangerous driving. The police force however do recommend the use of handsfree car kits when driving as they cut out the first set of problems when using the mobile. Calls can be received & answered via steering wheel controls or voice commands, on a lot of new bluetooth car kit products allow the user to browse the phone book, messages and settings with out having to pick up the phone.

Driver safety is paramount, if you do anything dangerous whilst in control of a vehicle you are likely to penalised at the very least. If you think their is no problem using a mobile phone while driving remember this; you are more likely to cause or be involved in an accident while using a mobile as you are drink driving, and i know must of you look down upon that.

Government & charity campaigns are starting to sink in with the majority of people and handsfree bluetooth kits are becoming very popular, however not enough of us are using them.

The solution to this problem is simple. In the form of handsfree bluetooth car kits. These kits are readily available and come in two forms, an integrated kit that connects into the vehicle’s stereo & speaker system, and unviersal bluetooth kits that can be swapped into different vehicles. The integrated system has far better sound quality and more functions than the universal kits however both reduce the chances of having a accident significantly.