July 16, 2024


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Cool Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About RV Campers

Cool Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About RV Campers

Recreational vehicles, also known as RV campers, are the evolution of a concept that has been around for over 200 years. There have been nomadic groups of people throughout human history, but the RV approach to mobile housing seems to trace back to France. Hundreds of years ago, animal-drawn carts and wagons were designed and adapted as long-term residences and homes. These caravans were initially popular with circus performers and traveling salesmen. As the technology spread across Europe, it became more popular. The Romani people began using caravans in the 1850s. The famous covered wagons used by the settlers of the Western United States were more rugged versions of the original caravans. Motorized caravans were first produced in Canada in 1910, and they began appearing in the U.S. and Australia in the 1920s.

Today, RV campers are popular in the United States for vacationers and retirees. Thousands of state and national parks offer accommodations for motorized caravans. Private sites and communities number in the tens of thousands. These accommodations generally consist of a long parking space, often with pull-through capability, an electrical hookup, and a water line.

A parking space generally costs between $20 and $40 a night, providing visitors with an affordable alternative to a hotel. A recent study showed that using n RV for a trip will save the average family between 25-60% on their vacation cost. RV campers are incredibly popular today, with more than 365,000 being sold in 2014. Over 9 million families now own some type of this vehicle, with the average age of owners being 48.

A recent survey of families that vacation using RV campers showed a higher level of satisfaction when compared to families that travel by car or plane. Some of the more popular reasons given were that the time spent driving was relaxing and enjoyable, rather than stressful. Traveling in a caravan also gives families a perfect environment to interact when compared to the cramped confines of a plane or sedan. Group activities such as board games and puzzles are easy to complete due to the spacious interior of the vehicles.

In short, RV campers are part of a 200-year-old tradition that began when someone decided they wanted to live in their wagon permanently. Today, you can cross the country in a 60-foot luxury land yacht with virtually all the conveniences of a modern home. RVs are one of the best ways to see the natural wonders of our state and national parks, all while keeping your family in a close, relaxed environment.