July 23, 2024


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Business Ad Trends in an Age of Social Media

This year has been extensively documented as being both challenging and nerve-wracking in the advertising sector. Unfortunately for advertising companies around the world the global recession appears to be making clients analyze budgets and try and ensure that they make the best possible return for their investment.

Thanks to a great advance in online technology we are now able to check, monitor and evaluate our advertising campaigns at a very detailed level, showing the client why they should stick with us. Below we will go through a couple of trends that we think will happen in 2009.

Consumers getting brand information from social networks.

The history of advertising for a product or brand has revolved around marketing campaigns on print, TV or radio. As the popularity of online advertising increases we will see the views of customers either good or bad ranking in brand term results in search engines. The idea in 2009 is that advertising agencies will become more active within its brands social network in order to gain customer information and implicate their wants and needs.

Expect a digital video increase.

Between November 2007 and November 2008, video watching online on websites like YouTube and Metacafe went up by over 40%. This was obviously detrimental to the time spent watching TV or listening to the radio. This year the percentage of people watching online video is expected to rise yet again but this time agencies are going to be ready to attract possible customers with interactive video advertising which will allow the user to interact with a product or brand whilst viewing.

Online news to become a market leader.

Research from UK Advertising Agencies in 2008 showed that online news sources (including newspapers) eventually passed traditional print newspapers as the most popular form of news. This trend is yet again expected to only increase this year and will end up making massive changes to the newspaper market. Experts believe that by 2012 online news sources and advertising will have surpassed even television.