July 19, 2024


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Boost Real Estate Sales By Including Floor Plans In Sales Materials

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Real estate shoppers are looking for a home that they can see themselves decorating and living happily within. Including a floor plan in your sales material by using a floor plan sketcher allows shoppers to see if their furniture would fit in the new property. That’s the single best reason to include one in every listing.

Floor Plans Enhance The Detail In Your Sales Material

To capture a real estate shopper’s attention, more detail makes more interest. These relatively simple-to-read plans allow browsers to see a property more intimately in their imaginations. It’s a tool best used with good photos and excellent staging.

A floor plan combined with photos can lure many a buyer out of their current domicile for an in-person walkthrough and a boosted chance for you to make a sale.

You’ll save time and wasted effort too by providing clients with floor plans of a property. Perhaps they like the photo but absolutely do not like the layout of the home you are listing. Or, they may come to see your listing specifically because they LOVE the layout.

Plan on including ALL of a home’s spaces in your floor plan. That includes attics and basements that may not be finished as liveable space. By including these extras in your plan, you’ll help the buyer see the additional value found in the home. Having it on the plan will also help you to remember to show it.

Enhance Paper Brochures With The Plan

When shopping for a home, many buyers find that the details of the various properties they look at tend to blur together. By including a floor plan in a paper brochure, you’ll come off looking more professional and the details of your property will remain clearer in the buyer’s mind. It’s the details that sell a home and the professional details you include in your sales plans increase the odds that it will be your listing that the buyer will remember.

Properly Presenting The Floor Plan

A few rectangular boxes presented as a floor plan aren’t enough to properly represent the property you are hoping to sell. First of all, those rectangles need to be well-drawn. No sloppy work allowed. Use a tool to make sure that it looks good on both the computer and in print. Use text with the drawing or you’ll lose your house hunter. A well-written description should always accompany your plan.

Include a compass so prospective buyers know which windows face south and where the wind is blowing from when they open their front door. Include numerical dimensions so shoppers can match pictures to the plan to see the real size of a room and consider orienting the home into the landscape by indicating the position of gardens and other landscaping landmarks on the property. More information creates more intrigue in the world of real estate.