June 18, 2024


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BangShift.com Unhinged: The 2023 Chrysler 300C Is Too Little, Too Late

Unhinged: The 2023 Chrysler 300C Is Too Little, Too Late

In 1955, Chrysler manufactured a go that could incredibly well be regarded as the predecessor to the Musclecar Era: acquire the two-doorway Chrysler Windsor hardtop human body, dump in a dual-carb 331ci Hemi into the motor bay, slap the Imperial nose on to the front, tart it up a bit with some extra trim and observe as Dad’s Chrysler out of the blue grew to become a thing to adequately fret about. For the subsequent fifteen yrs, the 300, whether or not it carried a letter that denoted which generation it was, turned the “banker’s warm rod”, a whole-dimensions Mopar that understood how to party. After the culmination of the to start with operate with the 1970 Hurst cars and trucks, the 300 namesake appeared 2 times far more: in 1979 as a remaining farewall to the B-entire body line (and, some speculate, as a potential deliver-off for Chrysler period if issues had gone actually south for the business) in the variety of a Spinnaker White Cordoba with the solutions reserve thrown at it, then in 2005 as a spectacular return to rear-travel, V8 energy soon after yrs of entrance-travel distress.

However, by some means, alongside the way, the companies that have managed the Chrysler nameplate have allowed the 300 to wither on the vine as Dodge has not only thrived, but developed considerably beyond expectation with the same automobile. As the Hellcat Charger came to be, the Chrysler SRT-8 was discontinued for the domestic market and still left to the Center East and Australians. When the Scat Pack Widebody Charger arrived all around, the only way everyone was energized to see a Chrysler 300 was as an update at the airport rental motor vehicle desk. You can still get a 5.7L Hemi-powered Chrysler, if you can uncover one particular, but the happy 300 title has largely been dismissed.

Nicely, if you are like me and would like that Chrysler experienced retained the SRT variation close to extended than 2014, here’s your probability to personal the motor vehicle they ought to have been cranking out like mad. The 2023 Chrysler 300C will be a minimal-output closing ship-off for the rear-travel sedan. It’ll have the 485-horse 6.4L V8, it’ll entice the quarter in 12.4 seconds, it’ll have the options list thrown at it, it’ll have the Brembos, it’ll have it all.

The draw back? There will be 2,000 created, you have to have to place in a reservation to buy just one, and excellent dollars suggests that dealerships will do all the things in their electric power to upcharge the hell out of them the moment they strike the good deal. You know, the “I’ve bought a man inclined to spend twice that appropriate now and I can connect with him if you can’t” mentality that most dealerships appear to be to have proper now.

I’ll be the first to applaud Mopar for maintaining the hearth heading as lengthy as they have, cranking out equipment as highly effective as they have. But this appears like leftovers, stirred, garnished with a new seasoning, and despatched back onto the serving line.

Save on your own the trouble. Rating a V8 300C that is perhaps a year or two aged, score a Hellcat drivetrain, and go make magic take place.