June 20, 2024


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BangShift.com The Make It Kustom Mini 1956 Buick Project: Custom Fender Skirts! Metal Shaping In Miniature

The Make It Kustom Mini 1956 Buick Project: Custom Fender Skirts! Metal Shaping In Miniature

It runs and it drives, the body flips up, and Karl has made some ride height adjustments that give it the slightest tail dragger stance which is what this thing needs to look bitchin. But what about some custom fender skirts for this devilishly good looking miniature 1956 Buick?

If you missed any of the Mini Buick build, click the link below. In this episode of the build, Karl is building some cool new stuff after getting it sitting on white walls, building a chassis, building structure for the body, and ultimately making it flip up like a funny car.

Karl Fisher at Make It Kustom has been answering lots of questions about a little miniature car that has been sitting in the background for the past few weeks and finally decided to share with us all what is going on with this cool little ride. The back story is that a friend of his started building this thing from a car that was so rusted out as to only have some little, but iconic, areas of the sheet metal that could be saved. Rather than throwing them away, he figures that with some new sheet metal and a little creativity he could build a miniature car from them that would be rad and that people would dig, and he was right!

Unfortunately, he passed away before he could finish it, and Karl was given all the parts and pieces by the family as they knew he would be the guy to make this thing a reality. The body is done, the details are damn cool, but it has no chassis or drivetrain really. In this video, Karl is going to start making it a runner and driver by fixing some of that and you are going to dig where he’s going with it!


Video Description:
On this episode of Make It Kustom, My friend Elio and I take on the task of designing and shaping fender skirts from scratch on the Baby Buick. Im using t he english wheel, the Shape-O-Matic power hammer to shape the “first article”.