June 25, 2024


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7 Tips to use Car Dash camera Footage in a better way in 2021

Congratulations on having a camera! You are now completely enjoying the advantages they bring and likely can not live with no more? Now you’ve got your camera, then you have to be certain that you’re getting the most from it and capture the highest quality footage you possibly can. We have set a very simple list of 10 things that you can do to enhance the video quality and also get the maximum from having a camera.

1. Position the camera at the centre of the display

It might sound obvious, but we have seen lots of movies in which the camera has been mounted at the corner that will distort the footage causing a less clear image, particularly if driving through the night. The camera ought to be placed in the middle of the windscreen close to the very top, ideally supporting the rear view mirror.

2. Reduce the amount of sky in the film

Everyone loves the skies but, unless you are attempting to catch another meteorite landing, then you need to restrict the quantity of sky you catch as you push. The more skies you’ve got the more sun you get that leads to more warmth, reducing the standard of the video. 

The camera may also attempt to compensate for the brightness of the heavens, darkening the movie, which may produce the detail on additional vehicles more difficult to make out. It isn’t important if you capture more of the auto dashboard – so long as you catch the street ahead.

3. Adjust g-sensor sensitivity configurations

Many automobile cameras outfitted with a g-sensor mechanically lock a movie clip when it finds a crash. From time to time, the camera will lock a document by error when you move over a bump or require a sharp twist. You can usually tweak the sensitivity of these g-sensors to block your memory card filling up with files that are locked. Fix to a setting that works nicely for you – a few automobiles, especially performance automobiles, need a sensitive g-sensor.

4. Mute/unmute the sound

This really is down to taste of if you would like to capture audio. As for me, I would rather mute the sound, therefore I do not record my horrible singing or phone calls on the movie. The main issue is that the video so audio is an extra bonus.

5. Clean your windscreen

Besides being able to determine where you are driving, you will have clearer footage if you get involved in a crash. Attempt to wash out the interior with window cleaner each month and be sure that you maintain your windscreen washer fluid wrapped up – particularly in the Winter.

When driving in the rain or wet conditions make certain that you use your wipers to not just see where you are going (very important!) But to clean the windscreen to your camera. In case you have muck or mild drizzle on the windscreen that the standard of the video footage will probably be significantly worse.

6. Fix video quality and frame speed

All cameras offer the choice to alter the resolution (Total HD, HD, VGA etc.) and maybe the frame speed. Broadly , there’s absolutely no true demand for 60fps to get a car camera and we urge the maximum resolution possible. 

As soon as we buy a Best phone camera we constantly experiment with the various resolutions and frame rates to determine which works best through the days and at nighttime.

If it comes to night time driving, most cameras are equipped with a WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) style. This manner enhances the lighting for night driving but is inclined to add sound to the footage that may lessen the standard of day-time footage. Broadly , if you push a lot during the night then it is well worth using, otherwise, leave it off. Try out the settings and find out what works for you.

7. Reduce the Duration of documents listed

You can usually alter the length of the movie clips that the camera generates. Whilst there’s not any real difference between these, we discover that the shorter clips are easier to handle when moving onto your pc and playing back afterwards.

I hope you like reading this article.