July 21, 2024


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7 RV Storage Tips to Help You Save Space

Are you planning for an RV adventure? If so, you don’t have to pack all of your stuff to take with you. What you need to do is pack the stuff you really need. This will help you keep things organized, convenient and easily accessible. Given below are a few of our tips to help you avoid clutter and save as much space as possible.

1. Use a Magnetic Strip

You face many challenges in an RV and one of them is that you don’t have unlimited storage or space. You can try a magnetic strip to avail the wall space. On the wall, you can hang utensils and knives so you can access them without any problem.

2. Divided Organizers

We suggest that you use divided organizers for keeping your cupboards and other stuff safe and organized. Apart from this, you can use ottomans in order to store additional blankets and sheets. This trick worked for most users and this may work for you as well.

3. Foldable kitchen supplies

Buying foldable kitchen supplies is a great idea to save a lot of space. If you have plans to do cooking on your RV, we suggest that you buy foldable kitchen supplies, such as measuring cups and salad spinner. For kitchen, you can buy plastic bowls that are stackable bowls.

4. Old CD racks

This idea may work for the bathroom. As a matter of fact, if you don’t want to put in a lot of money in the storage shelves, you can use many of other ideas for high quality wall shelves that are attachable. Old CD racks don’t cost a good deal of money as they are made of plastic and come with a very low price tag.

5. Hooks and hangers

If you want to increase your storage space, you can use a smart trick. You can use hanging baskets and command hooks in order to get a tidy feel in the RV storage space. Using hooks and hangers will also make it a lot easier to hang required things without utilizing a lot of space.

6. Stacking kitchen shelf

We have another great tip that can make things fun for you. If not organized properly, shoes may end up making you messy and full of clutter. As a matter of fact, you can use the kitchen shelves in order to store a lot more shoes. Don’t worry, they are not too expensive.

7. Mason Jars

For better storage, we suggest that you screw your jar lids below the cabinets. This is a great trick for spices or other small stuff, such as matches, clothes pins and other things that you may need quickly.

Long story short, if you have been looking for some simple RV storage tips, we suggest that you try out the tips given in this article. This will help you prevent clutter and you will be able to get the most out of your adventure. Hopefully, this will help you a lot.