July 23, 2024


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5 Myths Uncovered About Car Recycling

Every vehicle has a useful life. Although people say that after one point of time, the value of a vehicle depreciates, but some of their spare parts still hold value. Furthermore, based on this value, people created a car recycling industry. This industry is gradually gaining popularity and has different names like dismantling yard, wrecking yard, supplier of car spares and many more. In vehicle recycling, the workers use a car crusher. This crusher helps to compress the car, so that they can send it to the steel mill. The process that follows is somewhat like this:

  1. The manufacturers shred the vehicle and extract the metal
  2. They then recycle the metal and put the remaining parts into some landfill
  3. There are other residual matters like polymers. This also has a number of uses
  4. Steel is one product that you can get after recycling a car


Car recycling is a very complicated process. Many hazardous and toxic materials come out during the extraction process. Some of them include:

  1. Mercury
  2. Car Battery
  3. Chemical in air bags


A new concept has hit the market, which is known as go green with vehicle disposal. This is to create a sustainable environment. A number of environmental problems crop up due to people mismanaging vehicles which are useless. With the help of technology, various solutions are hitting the industry that contributes to proper disposal of vehicles.

With vehicle recycling you can:

  1. Save natural resources and energy
  2. Saves oil, steel and other non-ferrous metals that consumers can use again
  3. Recyclers also try to recycle the toxic chemicals so that they do not pollute the environment

How to find used car parts?

To find used car parts, you can always visit an auto or dealership store where spare parts are found. Besides, you can also visit the auto recycler or a vehicle service station. Here’s a possible list of places that can help you find usable car parts:

  1. The junkyard
  2. Repair shop
  3. Enthusiast Forums

What can you do with your old car?

  1. Advertise your old car
  2. Research before you scrap your old car
  3. Many organizations also accept used car for charity

Thus, we can conclude that there are environmental and economical benefits of car recycling. If you have an old car and you are looking for an auto recycler, then research well before choosing one. It is not easy to recycle your car. You have to find the right dealer where you can get the perfect price for your old car.