June 17, 2024


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Samsung HW-Q990B review: the ultimate Dolby Atmos soundbar experience

Samsung HW-Q990B Review: Two-minute Review

The Samsung HW-Q990B continues the company’s recent tradition of giving its flagship soundbar four physical boxes – but until now, Samsung has consistently managed to increase the number of channels squeezed into those four boxes. This year, the total channel count has stuck at 16, just like last year, leaving Samsung to rely on other improvements to keep its soundbar story moving forward.

Happily, the Samsung HW-Q990B’s improvements are all focused on improving the sound quality those 16 channels deliver, making it one of the best soundbars of the year. The subwoofer, for instance, sports a fancy new Acoustic Lens over its hefty 8-inch driver to make bass more smooth and refined, while the rear speakers feature a new angled top and small pedestal stands to deliver purer and better-positioned effects.