May 21, 2024


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5 best ways to sell your motorcycle

How do you decide which is the best way to sell your motorcycle?

Given that there are multiple ways to skin a cat, there are so many options online. Being in the motorcycle industry, I have realised that different sellers look for different factors. So, what do you consider the most important factor when selling your bike? Are you looking for the quickest sale? The most compensation? Or you just want to get rid of it.

 Below are some of the best ways I have used to sell my motorcycles over the years.

1.  Motorcycle dealership

I have come to realise that if you want to sell your bike fast, a motorcycle imports dealer is the best place to start. A motorcycle dealership is in the business of buying and selling bikes all year long. It is a quick, simple, and safe way to sell motorbikes. Plus if you are purchasing another bike from them consider selling to them while at it.

2.  Online motorcycle classifieds

Are you looking to cut out middlemen from your motorcycle sale?

Private sale parties organised by classifieds are the way to go. I have worked on ChopperExchange several times and made the most of my Harley-Davidson® by selling to a private buyer. You get to work with experts who can help you find a new owner for your motorcycles. Another advantage is that they offer you pricing information, insurance information, and motorcycle shipping assistance if you have an international buyer.

3.  Popular classifieds

There are so many popular classifieds but I can only recommend three that I have worked with.

Ebay: Don’t expect to have a massive stream of offers but ebay has a dedicated motorcycle section. The only downfall is the expensive $125 fee that you have to pay. The good news is that you only pay once your bike sells.

Craigslist: It is very similar to ebay but the listings are divided according to geographical locations limiting the people seeing your motorcycle ad. 

Facebook Marketplace: It has all sorts of items for sale and it’s free so it’s worth trying out. But consider other options as well if you want to sell your bike fast and for a good price.

4.  An auction house

I discovered the market for vintage, exotic,rare, and classic bikes is fickle. I sold a Vintage 1946 Harley-Davidson® at an auction house but before I turned to this option I had almost given up. People are less inclined to spend top dollar on exotic bikes. I had to get the motorcycle in front of the right buyers. Auctions that specialize on collectable motorcycles and cars are the best place to start.

Generally, the best way to sell a motorcycle differs from one person to another. I hope you now have a clue on where to start.